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Israelite House of David - Reading Materials

Israelite House of David - Reading Materials

Read It On-Line:
The Key

Read It On-Line:
The Little Book

Books by the Seventh Messenger along with the "Shiloh Messenger of Wisdom" Newsletter -- are entirely devoted to Benjamin's writings as well as the Ingathering and Restoration of Israel, are available through the Israelite House of David.

We have two books and two pamphlets that are available to the public for a Freewill Offering:

Our pamphlets include WHERE DID CAIN GET HIS WIFE? which speaks of the two creations in the beginning and of the first murderer and his judgment.  Our second pamphlet, WHAT IS THE SOUL?, speaks of the mortal and immortal souls.  The three parts of man: spirit, soul and body -- is also detailed.

Benjamin's explanation of the principles of our faith will give you a better understanding of the HOLY SCRIPTURES.


"When the seventh angel begins to sound, the
mystery shall be finished as he hath declared to
his servants the prophets."

Rev. 10-7

Other printed material includes the ancient description of Jesus found in THE DOCUMENT, of which the following is an exact copy and is said to have been found among the ancient manuscripts sent by Publius Lentulus, President of Judea, to the Roman Senate:

    This is a freehand drawing of Jesus by Benjamin

    This is a freehand drawing of Jesus by Benjamin

    "There lives at this time in Judea a man of singular character, whose name is Jesus Christ.  The barbarians esteem him as a prophet, but his followers adore him as the immediate offspring of God.  He is endowed with such unparalleled virtues as to be able to call back the dead from the grave and to heal every sort of disease with a word or touch.  His person is tall and elegantly shaped, his aspect amiable and reverend."

    His hair falls in those beautiful shades which no united colors can match, dropping in graceful curls below the ears, agreeably touching the shoulders and parting on the crown, like the head-dress of a sect called the Nazarites."

    His forehead is smooth and his cheeks without a spot. His nose and mouth are formed with exquisite symmetry.  His beard is thick, and suited to the hair of his head, reaching a little below the chin, where it parts in a fork.  His eyes are bright and serene.  He rebukes the majesty and councils with persuasive language; his whole address, whether in word or deed, being grave and strictly characteristic of so exalted a being.  No man has ever seen him laugh, but all Judea have frequently beheld him weep."

    When he pleads his tears are so persuasive that the multitude are unable to restrain theirs from mingling with his.  He is very modest, temperate and wise.  Whatever this phenomenon may be in the end, he now seems to be a man of strange beauty and divine perfection, in every way surpassing the children of men."

"Therefore also the Wisdom of God said,
'I will send them prophets and apostles...'"

Luke 11:49

Another of our publications is the world renown SHILOH MESSENGER OF WISDOM Souvenir Edition Newsletter.  This newsletter is still in circulation.

SHILOH MESSENGER OF WISDOM Souvenir Edition Newsletter

Our "Shiloh Messenger of Wisdom" Newsletter is only $10.00 per year and is published monthly.  To subscribe, please send check or money order made payable to: Israelite House of David, PO Box 1067, Benton Harbor, Michigan 49023-1067.

"The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come' and whosoever
will let him take of the water of life freely."

Rev. 21-6; 22-17

The preparatory message, THE BOOK OF WISDOM - THE FLYING ROLL, is published in seven parts of one hundred pages each.  The sixth and seventh books refer especially to the inspired writings of Enoch and Jasher and also the Apocrypha, and deal with the creation in its times and seasons.  These books are Addressed to the Twelve Tribes of Israel Scattered Abroad.

THE BOOK OF WISDOM - THE FLYING ROLLJust a few quotes from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Wisdom:

    "And there are keys given in Scriptures which cannot be used except by the visitation to interpret that which is given by visitation of the Spirit."

    Book Six, page 97, paragraph 2

    "And the Seventh shall come; and a Seventh Messenger chosen and sent with the spirit of Paradise - the spirit of the seventh day of Paradise.  And by this Seventh Angel Messenger, the mystery shall be finished, and the great redemption ushered in."

    Book Seven, page 3, paragraph 2

"If you love baseball and appreciate the
richness of its history and, just as importantly,
its characters, 'HOUSE OF DAVID: BASEBALL
TEAM' is a treat."

Henry Levkoff

Order this book today -- Click to learn more

Filled photos, the book HOUSE OF DAVID: BASEBALL TEAM -- by Terry Bertolino & Joel Hawkins, recounts the exploits of the Israelite House of David baseball team, a group of bearded barnstormers originally from a devout religious sect in SW Michigan that went on to have an impact on the world.

Interestingly enough, the House of David played against many of the great Negro League teams such as the Kansas City Monarchs and Pittsburg Crawfords long before Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby broke baseball's color barrier.

The House of David even had a couple of female pitchers on their team -- most notably the famed Olympian and championship golfer, Babe Didrickson.

Love baseball? Treat yourself to one of the more fascinating stories you'll find woven in the rich fabric of the game.


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